We are a network of concerned citizens, parents, grandparents, professionals and leaders who are extremely concerned about the current Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) curriculum in primary schools and the forthcoming curriculum being forced into secondary schools in Northern Ireland.

We are from different backgrounds and all walks of life and have come together with one goal in mind – to stop this legislation being brought into the schools and to our children. 

We are concerned about the explicit nature of the content of the new RSE curriculum and believe that all children should be protected from harmful materials, especially pornographic, obscene or erotic materials. 

In England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man, they are teaching children how to pleasure themselves. We ask why?  Why would anyone want to teach this to children? It is wholly inappropriate and strips children of their innocence.  We do not want this in Northern Ireland and we will not accept this indoctrination and sexualisation of our children.

We need to expose the harmful content of the new curriculum which is being imposed.  We have a duty to protect our children, to stand up and say NO! We will not tolerate this new RSE curriculum being taught in our schools and together we can stop it!

We welcome all people who have an interest in protecting the innocence of children.