Testimonials from Northern Ireland

Local Integrated College is an LGBT Haven

By a Craigavon Mother

My children have been brought up in a Christian home, believing in male and female as the only 2 genders. My son moved schools from a junior high school, and finished year 11 and 12 in a local integrated college.

This school is known as an LGBT haven. We were not aware of this at the time, as 3 years previous my eldest son had attended the same school and it definitely wasn't pushed in the same manner. After a period of time we became aware of the changes. More discussions about the LGBT community. More LGBT assemblies where all identities were talked about.

The children in the LGBT community were given the opportunity to create their own flag and discuss it in front of the school assembly and wear it for the day, even though the dress code is very strict, even having the wrong type of shoes will be punished. LGBTQIA+ speakers were brought into the school to talk to the pupils. The pupils were told if they didn't agree and said anything against these proposed ideals, they would inform the police as that was a hate crime. The reason we know these things is because my son kept us informed, and they hated it.

In one assembly they were told that everyone had the right to an opinion. So he spoke up and said, “what if you believe there are only 2 genders?” At this point he was verbally and quite aggressively removed from the assembly hall in front of everyone and yelled at. You can imagine at 15 years old how embarrassed and angry that would make you. He walked out of school that day. So angry. Every day after that he was hounded for his phone even though it was off in his bag. No rules were broken. They didn't want him to have contact with me. He refused to hand it over. I was called to a meeting with the head of a department at the school. She herself is an advocate for LGBT ideology and has a wife and child. In this meeting I was very distracted by her lanyard that said, “I'm queer, get over it”.

The aggressive nature of this type of thinking is so harmful to our children of all ages. Everyone has an opinion, except for the traditional moral values that we have always lived by, one male and one female. This school openly marches with carafriend in the pride marches, openly encourages the pupils to be who they want to be and what they want to identify as.  It normalises all sorts of gender identities and aggressively cuts down those who don't agree. I know of several parents who have removed their children for these very reasons. Absolutely disgraceful.

The Sperm Story Homework Assignment

"This was my daughter's homework a few months ago, it was part of RSE homework from Biology. I was quite shocked as she's only 12 (Year 8). She was so upset doing it as she was so confused. I had to help her but felt it was forced on me as a parent to explain it all to her.  Was I overreacting? She was told it had to be done, no excuses. She was crying as she was scared of getting a detention."

Support our teachers

From a Lurgan mother

"Some secondary schools in my area have already had trans activists brought into their classrooms to teach the children about LGBTQIA+ without prior parental consent.  By the time the children had gone home and told their parents, it was too late, the damage had been done.  Parents were rightly in an uproar! 

We need to support Christian teachers and principals against this sexualisation of children. They don't want to be teaching gender ideology either. It is entirely inappropriate to ask any child their sexuality, they don’t know the meaning of sex, they are children.

Home schooling/Christian schooling would be great, however it is an added cost to parents that many simply cannot afford.

I never imagined I would see the day where filth around relationships & sexuality education would be taught in our public schools, especially primary schools! Our children have innocence taken from them soon enough in life without the government forcing upon them ideologies which are immoral and against Biblical truth.

I urge anyone with an upright and moral compass to stand against this and get your political representatives on board.  Don't let the Government and schools corrupt the innocent minds of our children. We need to be a voice for the voiceless. We need to take a stand for Christian and morally upright teachers or they may well be forced to choose between their jobs or their beliefs. It seems today that everyone has "equal rights" except Bible believers.

My children will not be attending any school which supports this!"

Homeschooling can be a success

By Peter Havenaar

As parents we are told that children are truly our inheritance. Ultimately we really own nothing, apart from our own bodies, but our inheritance, it is said, are our children. Children are really the most precious thing we have.

My wife and I decided as a newly married couple to home educate our children, if we had any. We are 17 years further on now and we have been blessed with 5 of them! We have been teaching them at home using a Bible-based curriculum.  

Practically, this meant that we chose to be a one income family; my wife would dedicate herself to the task of raising and teaching the children, which is something she really wanted to do. This is a phenomenally important task. We see it as the greatest calling.  

If your values do not align with things, such as RSE, that are pushed in the school system, you might want to consider homeschooling. This will enable you to teach what you feel is appropriate for your children to learn and what isn't. While RSE wasn't a real concern when we started out on our homeschooling journey, we can appreciate that many parents and grandparents are concerned with the direction of travel regarding these and other matters and feel that schooling in the state school system is no longer beneficial to their family. We would like to ensure you that coming out of that system can be a rewarding, liberating experience with the opportunity for families to spend much more time together and learn this way in the comfort of one's own home!

There is a growing homeschooling community in Northern Ireland. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Why is this being taught to my child?

By a concerned mother from Coleraine

My 6 year old son was told that an erect penis occurs due to excess blood flow. Why is this being told to him? What gives teachers the right to even discuss this in primary school? How is this considered age-appropriate? When the teacher then discusses 100 genders, how is this scientifically accurate? This nonsense is harming and confusing young children.