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9th January 2024

Parents who refuse to allow their children to change gender would face up to seven years in jail under SNP plans to ban “conversion therapy”

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5th January 2023

Over 73% of respondents to the public consultation on the changes to RSE have opposed Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris’s plans for compulsory abortion education in Northern Ireland

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Relationships and Sexuality Education and the WHO

Hugh McCarthy is a former Head Teacher and government advisor on education and curriculum development. He was one of the few senior teachers, or former teachers, in the UK to speak out against school closures during the Cvd lockdown period. He was also heavily censored by social media and mainstream media for taking a stand - despite his vast experience as an educationalist in Northern Ireland (one of the best performing regions in the UK in terms of attainment at GCSE and A level).

Watch the full video on YouTube below:

Hugh argues that education authorities and schools across the UK are being strong-armed by a radical ‘liberal’ lobby to teach, for example, gender diversity ideology and sexuality ‘awareness’ to children as young as five. He refers to his own experience in Northern Ireland to provide a case study for how a supra-national and unelected body is imposing its will through the UK government, curriculum authorities and trade unions - over the heads of parents.

It’s Hugh’s view that most parents would not want this type of material taught, regardless of their religious beliefs (or lack of them). He outlines how parents can withdraw their consent for this propaganda to be taught - and to make their views known to schools and education authorities.

If you are a parent, or are interested in knowing how the WHO is meddling in our education curriculum, this is an important conversation to listen to.

Indoctrination of children in Welsh schools

More about the indoctrination of children in Welsh schools. 

BBC guilty of telling children that if they change gender, they will be happy!  No mention of the horrific process - sterilisation and mutilation - not to mention those who want to de-transition.

21st November 2023

Lucy Marsh of Family Education Trust appeared on GB News last night to debate Peter Tatchell over No Outsiders introducing transgender ideology to young children in primary schools. 

Books like "Introducing Teddy" are not just about "love and friendship" as claimed by Tatchell. They are a vehicle used by LGBT activists to indoctrinate and sexualise children and this ideology has no place in schools. Children should not be taught that they can be "born in the wrong body", it is lying to children and incredibly harmful. 

19th November 2023

Video exposes trans 'indoctrination' in primary school: Teacher tells 10-year-olds about how an unhappy boy teddy became a happy girl teddy in a lesson from controversial 'inclusion' charity.

Telegraph article here

10th November 2023

New legislation on sex education 'imposes abortion ideology on schools'

11th November 2023

Director for HiTops, an LGBTQ+ group that brings queer theory into schools, says that the most critical time to get in the classroom are grades 5-8, to “catch kids when they’re starting puberty.”

24th October 2023

Parents have right to see sex education content, says minister

‘Tanya Carter, of the Safe Schools Alliance, said the directive is "too little too late".

Calling for a public inquiry into how RSHE has been taught in schools, Ms Carter says the letter is "yet another letter which activist teachers will feel free to ignore".’

18th October 2023

RSE In Northern Ireland and the Christian Education Alternative | Luke Barker

- Ask teacher, HT and BOG some simple questions... YES OR NO?

1. Are you teaching, or is any external organisation teaching my primary/secondary child that homosexuality/'gay marriage' as an acceptable lifestyle?

2. Are you teaching, or is any external organisation teaching my primary/secondary child transgender ideology? (that a boy can become a girl, girl can become a man, stuck in the wrong body etc.

3. Are you teaching, or is any external organisation teaching my primary/secondary child that abortion is a 'healthcare option'?

-If they say, NO clearly then back them, pray for them, support them. -If they will not say/withhold information/cagey you have got problems.

- Jesus said, QUOTE: John 18:20, 'I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing."

-Your school should be clear, open and transparent about ALL that they teach.

- What do we see increasingly? The opposite... schools refusing to disclose what is being taught, dressing everything in very ambiguous terms, going behind parents backs grooming children unawares over to these philosophies..


17th October 2023

Cultural Marxism and Woke Ideology | David Kurten

Where does the push for the sexualisation of children come from? This is not a new idea and it is rooted in Marxism and the destruction of the family.

17th October 2023

Parents aren’t being told the awful truth about sex education in schools

The Prime Minister should make good on his promise to let parents know what their children are being taught

...when it comes to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), this trust is in short supply. Too many examples of shocking RSE materials have come to light, containing graphic and sexualised content that is deeply inappropriate for children.

9th October 2023

Planned Parenthood in the USA is helping teenagers transition after a 30 minute consult

Autistic teenager heard of a friend transitioning and wanted to do it too.

8th October 2023

Teacher sacked by CofE school after refusing to teach ‘extreme’ LGBT lessons

Church trust insists it follows official guidelines 'to promote British values' after dismissal of Glawdys Leger

8th October 2023

NHS is directing vulnerable teens who are confused about their gender to 'transing factories' that 'affirm' their belief that they are 'in the wrong body'

The Family Education Trust's Lucy Marsh told MailOnline: 'Gendered Intelligence is an ideological lobby group with an affirmation-only approach which confuses children by pretending that biological sex is a social construct. Its training sessions in schools tell young children that sex is 'assigned at birth'.

'The NHS should not be referring any child with mental health issues to Gendered Intelligence because the child will simply be affirmed as being transgender without any proper psychological assessment, and set on a pathway where they will be irreversibly harmed by medical interventions. 

'The Cass Review found that puberty blockers are harmful for children, so it's unfathomable that doctors are referring children to a transgender activist group who will arguably cause more harm than the Tavistock.

'Vulnerable children who are confused about their gender need mental health support and talking therapies. 

'They should not be pushed into the willing arms of a transgender activist group who are actively working to indoctrinate children and separate them from their families.'

6th October 2023

Trans-promoting school resources awarded over £400k by National Lottery

Just Like Us, the LGBT charity which claims to be in over 6,000 schools, has just been awarded over £400,000 by the National Lottery.

Through a series of video testimonies, Just Like Us materials seek to promote what it is like to be an ‘LGBT+ person of faith’. The aim is to influence school children that LGBT identities can be seen as readily compatible with the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths.

14th September 2023

Northern Ireland Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) plans: Government says parents can teach 'relationship values' to children at home

The government has said parents can teach ‘relationship values’ to children at home if they wish – but new sex education for NI children aged 11 and over must be delivered “in a factual way”.

21st September 2023

School governors are being urged to check their school’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policies for radical trans ideology.

The plea comes from a Christian mum who was recently reinstated as a parent governor following an order made by the High Court.

A Gateshead primary school had removed the mum for raising concerns that resources promoting gender ideology were set to be used in the classroom without the Governing Body properly considering if they breached education law. 

7th September 2023

An INTO course has told primary school teachers that they should be prepared to “challenge attitudes” in children, introduce transgenderism to Junior Infants, and get children to challenge their own beliefs on issues around gender.

Teachers were told they need to “task” themselves with “disrupting gender stereotypes”, and that “cisnormativity and heteronormativity is damaging to the LGBT+ community, as well as to all other members of society”. 

6th September 2023

Judge Drops Bombshell Ruling on Transgender Case

"Social transitioning in secret" is the official guidance given to schools in Northern Ireland by the Education Authority and CCEA. This 12 year old girl was targeted by radical LGBT teachers in California after she met with the school counsellor.

4th September 2023

"Schools are in danger of breaking the law on sex and gender: Government guidance for schools must align with the law.

The Department for Education’s new guidance for schools needs to be produced soon, and it needs to be aligned with the law.

We found that social transition in schools, including mandating the use of preferred pronouns, is inconsistent with statutory obligations, including safeguarding requirements and human-rights law."

3rd September 2023

Hundreds of schools are using the gender-neutral terms ‘Uniform A’ and ‘Uniform B’ instead of saying boys and girls.

Primary schools have abolished uniforms ‘based on sex’ to let children as young as four wear clothes that ‘most reflect their self-identified gender’. Lucy Marsh, of the Family Education Trust, added: ‘It’s about time that parents got together to push back against this.’

1st September 2023

NI pupils identifying as 'furries'

At least four schools in Northern Ireland have pupils who openly identify as furries and all schools have been subject to advice and support from the Department of Education as a matter of 'emotional health and well-being'.

29th August 2023

Scots teachers refuse to teach 'sexuality petals' and full frontal nude images to primary aged kids

Teachers have expressed concern over 'disturbing' images being shown to kids as young as eight. This article contains images that are NSFW

25th August 2023

Two German childcare centres in Nordrhein-Westfalen issue child sexuality manifestos, waxing poetic about the benefits of masturbation and outlining rules for child sexual play

The dedicated rooms for mutual sexual exploration are forbidden by the Child Welfare Office, according to the German Child Ministry, but everything else – sexualised “doctor play” and opportunities for developmental masturbation – appear to remain on the menu, at least for children of parents who don’t actively intervene.

15th July 2023

When Ideology Corrupts Medicine—and How One Reporter Exposed it

A conversation with Hannah Barnes about the medical scandal at Tavistock, the UK’s flagship youth gender clinic.

26th August 2023

Dr Anna Loutfi of The Bad Law Project on 'trans' guidance in schools - Talk TV

23rd August 2023

Puberty blockers for children must be banned

The risks for minors of puberty blockers and surgeries, including permanent sterility, regret, and lifelong dependence on repeat surgeries and medication are very real. Furthermore, the experts wrote that the claim that gender transition reduces suicides is contradicted by every systematic review.

11th August 2023

This Christian parent governor was axed for questioning school’s sex ed policy

8th August 2023

Parents and educators say that schools may be held responsible for harm caused to children by teaching trandgender ideology in schools, as a new curriculum comes into play next month (IRE)

5th August 2023

Children aged seven to be given NHS trans treatment

A new service founded to replace the Tavistock gender identity clinic, which was closed after numerous controversies, will limit the use of puberty blockers and ban activists and teachers from referring children for treatment, it has been reported.

NHS England has, for the first time, set a minimum age of seven years old for referral to the gender identity clinics, according to The Daily Telegraph.

27th July 2023

'My Childhood Was RUINED:' Detransitioner Chloe Cole Talks About Trans Procedures

23rd July 2023

Daily Mail: Mother shocked at 11-year-old autistic son's education classwork pushing trans ideology - adding that now all he talks about is masturbation

20th July 2023

CofE primary schools teaching 7 year old children that they can be 'pangender' or 'cisgender'

23rd July 2023

Trans surgery nightmares revealed: 81% endure pain in the five years after gender-change procedures, more than half say having sex is painful - and a third are left incontinent, survey shows

15th July 2023

PSHE as Currently Taught is

Dr. Anna Loutfi, Head of Legal at the Bad Law Project, presents a compelling argument for the abolition of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education) as it is currently taught.

29th June 2023

NICS Statement by Rev. Brian McClung in response to the proposed amendments put forward by Mr Heaton-Harris.

"Newtownabbey Independent Christian School continues to teach Biblical morality and values to our students."

Statement ~ Secretary of State's proposed amendments.pdf

29th June 2023

Northern Ireland Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris announces victory for his relationship and sex education (RSE) plans for NI at Stormont's annual LGBT reception

28th June 2023

UK Parliament Debate - Hansard - Relationships and Sexuality Education (Northern Ireland) (Amendment)
Regulations 2023

26th June 2023

Letter: Imposition of sex teaching regulations is unacceptable: A letter from Diane Dodds MLA

26th June 2023

Safeguarding Children and Parental rights

23rd June 2023

Murray Allan: Expelled for saying there are only two genders, doesn't regret standing his ground

'I'd much rather be the type of person speaking out about the things I know to be true, as opposed to just biting my lip.' Murray Allan, who was expelled from school for saying there are two genders, tells Patrick Christys he doesn't regret standing by his convictions.

18th June 2023

Pupil who questioned classmate ‘identifying as a cat’ called ‘despicable’ by teacher

14th June 2023

Do No Harm Expert Testifies at Congress

“I’m here today to provide you with facts you haven’t heard. You haven’t heard them because when it comes to youth gender dysphoria (also called ‘transgenderism’), the public and most importantly parents, are, I am sad to say, consistently fed misinformation.”

6th June 2023

PCI responds to new RSE regulations

17th May 2023

NI schools body: ‘Sex ed should teach kids more about gender identity’

The Inspectorate, which is part of the Department of Education, published its report based on responses from 509 schools and 14,665 pupils aged 10 to 18 on how each school’s curriculum benefits child development.

17th May 2023

The United Nations goes full communist

Widespread woke indoctrination has become in science and education, even including subjects such as civil engineering. In all these different subjects we saw (without exception) a direct mention of famous communist-educator Paulo Freire.

15 May 2023

UN, WHO, Bill Gates are working to normalize paedophilia around the world

13th May 2023

The Telegraph: Outrage over W.H.O advice on sexuality for infants

8th May 2023

Children targeted by WHO ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’

Children targeted by WHO ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’

Since last summer Miriam Cates has compiled a 150-page dossier showing explicit and inappropriate material that she claims has been taught in schools by external companies. There is no register of approved providers.

10th March 2023

Parents shocked by graphic
sex education in school

One mother says her son has ‘gone from finding out Santa Claus doesn’t exist to being told about anal sex’

8th March 2023

STOP sex-education radicals from infiltrating our schools

4th March 2023

Masturbation lessons and 100 genders: What our children are being taught at school

Why are pre-pubescent pupils learning about ‘rough sex’ and preferred pronouns in secret?

27th February 2023

School suspends sex education after drag queen 'told 11-year-olds there are 73 genders'

Isle of Man suspends sex education after performer leave youngsters ‘traumatised’ with ‘age-inappropriate material’

24th February 2023

RSE Lessons have been paused in the Island's schools after a backlash from parents

20th February 2023

Irish teachers' union encourages gender-switching in primary school children

A video encouraging gender-switching among young school pupils.

It was produced by INTO, the Irish teaching union (handling mainly Catholic teachers in Northern Ireland).

In INTO’s cartoon video, a teacher informs his class that while doctors will classify babies as boys or girls at birth, those doctors can be wrong.

This is because sometimes a child will “feel inside they are not a boy… they know they aren’t a boy”.

By helping the pupil to pursue a switch in gender, the teacher allows the child to feel “happier and more like themselves”.

Accompanied by cheerful music, the video goes on to recount how this good teacher then “introduced the pupils to non-binary identity, where people don’t identify with being either a boy or a girl”.

More information here

14th December 2022

Church primary school taught LGBT ideology

Teachers at a church primary school have been accused of telling children that they can be born “in the wrong body” and that some three-year-olds are gender non-binary.

4th October 2022

Education Minister Michelle McIlveen to review guidance for schools which says staff can facilitate children adopting transgender identities without parental knowledge

Education Minister Michelle McIlveen has decided to review guidance for schools which says that staff can facilitate children adopting transgender identities in school without parental knowledge.

5th July 2022

‘Horrendous’ sex education lessons to be investigated by children’s commissioner
Reports of nine-year-old taught about rape ‘in detail’

4th July 2022

Sex education in the UK is graphic, extreme and inappropriate, says Conservative MP Miriam Cates

7 June 2022

RSE: How where you live affects what your children are taught

17th April 2022

Sex education: Scottish lessons 'normalise underage sexual activity'

23rd November 2021

Tavistock clinic treats girls who don’t like dolls ‘as transgender’

30th August 2019

Leaflets falsely claim pupils taught masturbation in relationship classes